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Yes, I'm bisexual and asexual simultaneously, and here's how that makes perfect sense. Please stop asking.

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+ Roommate needed! [EDIT]

So this almost got me a roommate last time, so I figure I might as well try it again. My roommate’s moving out in June, and I need to sublet the other room until August. She’s leaving her queen sized bed and ottoman behind, so you won’t have to worry about furniture. I don’t have any photos of that room, but it’s large with two windows, a spacious closet, and purple walls.

My apartment is the first floor of a duplex in South Hadley, Mass. Rent is $850/month. It’ll be split evenly between roommates, so if it’s just one of you, $425 each, or if it’s you and someone else it’ll be $283 per person, etc. (though I really don’t want to go past two people in the other room). The bills probably won’t be too high over the summer. It’s really close to Mount Holyoke. There’s a bus that takes you right to campus, and you could probably walk there too if you wanted. There’s also free laundry on site, and our rent includes the water bill. The landlord’s also really nice and will do repairs if we need them.

This is a queer-positive space. I’d generally prefer non-cismale roommates, but cismales can message me and if we get along, I’ll still consider you. If interested, message me on Tumblr, and we’ll talk more. (EDIT:) Also, I REALLY need a roommate with a car who’s willing to carpool me sometimes. Especially for grocery shopping. The PVTA is awful out here. I’ll pay you back for gas if you need.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I’ve decided to sublet the whole apartment and move somewhere else. I’ll need at least two people who can move in in June.

And here are some photos:

(We won’t have that TV, by the way. My roommate’s taking that with her.)