Autism and 'Fuck Your Shit'

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Call me Becca. 22. Left-winger, atheistic, bi/demisexual dork who's unlikely to let your bullshit slide. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, The Hunger Games, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Teen Titans, some comics, politics, and feminism abound.

Yes, I'm bisexual and asexual simultaneously, and here's how that makes perfect sense. Please stop asking.

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What is there to say about Garrus that hasn’t been scrawled onto the back cover of a teenage girl’s Trapper Keeper? The guy’s a heartthrob, plain and simple. There’s just something about him that makes women weak in the knees, and the mere utterance of his name brings panties flying in from every direction. His calm, soothing voice, his charming personality, his… sort of creepy, bug/kitty appearance… It’s hard to figure out exactly what makes Garrus so damn appealing, but whatever “it” is, he has it.

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Yup. And a friend just posted this on my Facebook timeline, so yessssss. I love my friends.