Autism and 'Fuck Your Shit'

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Call me Becca. 22. Left-winger, atheistic, bi/demisexual dork who's unlikely to let your bullshit slide. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, The Hunger Games, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Teen Titans, some comics, politics, and feminism abound.

Yes, I'm bisexual and asexual simultaneously, and here's how that makes perfect sense. Please stop asking.

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  1. These are my fandoms: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Millennium Series, Lord of the Rings, and a few others.
  2. I love writing. It’s just about my favorite hobby.
  3. Socialist and feminist.
  4. History major, but considering switching to political science.
  5. I want to be a teacher, either of social studies or with special education.
  6. Bisexual.
  7. Activist.
  8. I have some one-line fanfic requests I need to do. (Sorry, Andurrs! I’ll get to them, I swear. XDD)
  9. I have a fantastic boyfriend.
  10. I love a lot of instrumental music from movies and video games.